A breathe of fresh air in the midst of booze heavy, nightlife scene

Carlito’s Bar, on the east side of Tonsai beach, is a popular spot away from the busy strip of Koh Phi Phi Don. Instead of heavy bass music, you’ll find acoustic jams. The sweet sound of the waves crashing on the shore accompanies the perfect volume of the performer. The bar encourages patrons to get up on stage, and there’s often some talent in the house. This bar is the perfect respite for those who wish to avoid the party scene of Loh Dalum bay. Chill vibes are accompanied by a spectacular view of the beach. Because of Carlito’s sand access, you can get your toes wet while you relax with a beverage.

All of the standard adult beverages are here. Along with the buckets that are a staple of the island, you can find cocktails advertised as “outstanding” and “abnormal”. It’s mainly about drinks here. However, you can find bar food such as chicken wings, burgers and quesadillas. Pizza is also popular.

After dark you’ll be treated to top-notch fire shows in between sets of acoustic music. A great place to enjoy the company of friends old and new, Carlito’s tends to have a lot of repeat customers. If you’re into the chill side of nightlife, with beach side charm and just enough volume to keep it interesting, give this bar a try. Kids are also welcome, and can play in the sand within sight of relaxed parents. Open for lunch, it’s fantastic to watch the colors of the sky change as daytime turns to dusk.

Hours of Operation :

11:00 am – 2:00 am