Sail the high seas with a beer in one hand and cocktail in the other

While Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise doesn’t technically happen at night, it’s a forerunner in the Phi Phi party scene. You’ll find the headquarters of Captain Bob’s next to Tonsai Pier. After you’ve booked your voyage, it’s off to the camp bar for beer pong, all-you-can-drink alcohol and playtime. Get to know your crew before you set sail on the open waters, destined for island adventures. Pirates will party their way to the first stop, Monkey Beach, with music, dancing and Captain Bob’s own “special spice.” The staff are skilled in top-notch safety measures, and fully trained in good times. At the beach, get ready to have your picture taken with monkeys! The next stop is Pileh Lagoon, where you’ll don stand-up paddle boards. Alternatively, choose chilling in the water with life jackets and drinks. Boozy snorkeling happens at Loh Samah bay with experienced guides, who also provide snacks along the way. Finally, a stop at the world-famous Maya bay completes the tipsy tour on Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise. You’ll enjoy a sunset photo session on the boat before heading back to the camp bar. But the fun’s not over yet! Guides serve a BBQ dinner on the beach with vegetarian options. The free bar stays open until 8:30 pm. Meanwhile, a live DJ lights up the beach for your entertainment.

The whole tour takes around seven hours, with food, water and alcohol provided. Staff will put all photos on your USB before you go, or you can find them on the Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise Facebook page or website. For travelers who want to pack it all into a day, Captain Bob is your guy. Enjoy the sights of the iconic islands and get your party in at the same time.

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