Walking up and down the streets seeing the numerous food stalled selling BBQ chicken, sticky rice and papaya salad is wonderful but sometimes you are craving a little more than the normal variety and portions.

The renowned Ao Nang Cliff Beach with its forward thinking management has now begun a new type of restaurant right here in the center of Ao Nang, open to resort guests and passerby’s all the same.

The name is The Plaza Buffet, and it’s changing the way we do food.

Open nightly from 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm, the Plaza Buffet boasts an impressive 60 table area so there is plenty of space for friends, family and large groups.

Feast your eyes on a wide range of Thai classics, from chicken massaman curry, green curry, friend pork with mixed vegetables and other Thai favorites. We must warn you the massaman has a very nice little kick so taste accordingly.

A cold station waits those looking for a more green plate of food, with cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs, fresh romaine lettuce, but not to leave out one Thai favorite Laab Gai (chicken with herbs, onions and fresh mint) a traditional dish of north eastern Thailand or Isan. This is one of our favorites, and will not disappoint anyone looking to try something special. If you are interested in a fusion dish then a blend of Eastern Laab salad and Western traditional salad might suit you, top it all off with some thick and filling dressing and you’ve got yourself a tasty, healthy meal.

The Plaza Buffet also features a wide arrange of deserts from the Thai sweet buns and fruits to the Western traditional cakes and breads. You can be sure to try what you’re comfortable with and what you know and try something a little more exotic, maybe a Thai fried sweet ball, or maybe a small bun.

Then, onto to BBQ are where you can see a boat (the restaurant size boat) full of locally caught fresh seafood and marinated pork and chicken. The chefs work over a small flame to ensure the meat is not burned or charred, only cooked tenderly constantly reapplying the days marinate to avoid the meat from drying out.

As if the evening at the Plaza Buffett could not get tastier, the Ao Nang Cliff Beach have commissioned local musicians to turn up some music and serenade you at the dinner table.

Come and spend an evening at the Plaza Buffett, reasonably priced and with more than enough food for you and your family. Watch the crowds stroll by as you listen to great musicians play live music serenading you as you dine on wonderfully prepared seafood.

Open nightly from 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm, seating is open but fills fast so make sure you are not too late.

You can also make a reservations at: