Thailand is all too familiar with monsoon season. Making its way sure and steady as the seasonal winds begin to pull moisture from the Indian Ocean to this amazing South East Asian continent. During the months between June and October many expect to face intense downpours of rain, rough seas, peeling thunder and brazen lightening. The heaven’s open up and seem to provide a grand orchestra of natural sights and sounds during monsoon. The locals will call this time of the year both wet and monsoon season. Often times interchanging the words while describing the weather patterns as they share the latest talk of the day.

Travelers are leery as they consider making plans for coming to Krabi during this time of the year. In fear of having a spoiled holiday. For those of us having lived here for many years we can shed some light on the reality of coming down south during monsoon (wet) season.

Southern Thailand in itself is a tropical region and it rains throughout the year. Often times when the rains come these showers are very intermittent and mostly arrive mid- afternoon or early evening. If you’ve planned to enjoy a day at the beach. You could have a great time of fun in the sun, return to your accommodation to bathe and relax as you watch the rains passing through. These showers sometimes last only minutes at a time. Coming during this time of the year may cause disruptions and disappointment to your travel plans but if the forces of nature are for you then you will have the vacation of a lifetime. The bonus of risking travel during monsoon is the affordability that comes as a hidden blessing. You could save upwards of 30%-50% on air fares, accommodations, fine dining and many of the sought out island hopping excursions. There are also fewer foreign visitors during monsoon. Therefore, you will experience “all things Thai”. If you’ve the courage to throw wet season to the wind; pun intended. Then this is an incredible time to travel to Krabi.

Monsoon Season Krabi

Just as in Thailand you cannot always control which way the monsoon will affect your life; so it is with relationships. When we begin relationships our plans and preparations are fueled by having the relationship of a lifetime. Forecasting happiness, intimacy, pleasure, community, safety, the thrill of adventure and beyond. We must be mindful that when a monsoon interrupts our relationships that this often times is only temporary. We need to be careful that we don’t get washed away by the emotional, torrential downpour of frustration, anger and fear that may destroy the relationship of a lifetime.Applying healthy communication to this myriad of emotions that blow through as heavy Southe astern wind will enable us to not only navigate our way through but to regain our emotional bearings. It will also cause us to create a stronger anchor within the relationship. What may have appeared to be a monsoon that would destroy actually becomes a vessel to bring character development, communication skills and an intimacy that will outlast any storm that may come your way.

by Zina Docto

Zina is the founder of “i AM WOMAN”: Educating woman to discover their health and beauty from the inside out: overcome weight issues, sickness and disease.

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