Ao Nang just came off it’s first ever strongman competition last month, drawing in participants from all around the world to compete at Naga Pura Resort & Spa. It was a great step forward for Krabi and a great step forward for fitness in Krabi.

Ao Nang in it’s quiet a peaceful bay area is a place reserved primarily for families traveling looking to get away form the hustle and bustle of the larger destinations of Thailand. The small beach town grew in popularity over the past 20 years to take it’s place on the international stage of world class destinations throughout the region.

Heroic Fitness Krabi Aonang

Through this evolution Krabi has begun to offer more and more amenities, activities and events for it’s locals and tourists alike. Arabic, French and German restaurants, nightlife bars and pubs playing great live music, festivals such as the Naga festival or various Motorbike cycle bike week events. Now that Ao Nang just recently received it’s first world class gym it’s only fitting that we have an event for the many gym rats to compete in.

So to enter the age of the ironman!

Physical competitions testing man’s ability push their limits both physically and mentally have been around since the dawn of man and civilization, they now provide an arena and platform for competitions to earn a living and do what they love for a living, with prizes sometimes entering into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single event.

Krabi is proud to join the league of cities hosting strongman competitions, now a new breed of traveler can look to Krabi with ease as a a place to train and keep themselves in physical top notch shape while still enjoying all the fruits and adventures Krabi has to offer.

The Strongman competition hosted at Naga Pura Resort & Spa was organised by Heroic Fitness’s personal trainer Charles Berg as well as local competitor Peter Richardson. Main sponsors for the event Bear Gear came from Pattaya and offered most of the prizes and winnings for the participants. The tournament as organized was a test of both anaerobic fitness as well a aerobic fitness meaning it’s not only lifting weights up and down, but also moving with them or just flat out running/swimming. Using the tools and equipment the pair Charles and Peter arranged 6 events starting with the farmers walk, the atlas stone, tire flip, shoulder press, deadlift and finally the truck pull.

Heroic Fitness Krabi Aonang

Competitors traveled from all over the globe to come for the historic event representing: South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Norway, England, Russia and Thailand. The event took place over the course of 1 whole day pushing these competitors bodies to the limit with a combination of both static lifting and running/swimming, after the champions were crowned all of the competitors got to enjoy one another at a hearty BBQ at the end of the event marking the historic completion of Ao Nang’s first strongman competition.

But the event was not only about lifting things and moving them, it was an opportunity for the fitness community to grow in Ao Nang, for locals to come out and get involved in the event in a no pressure atmosphere, it was a platform to inspire others to get involved and start working out. In addition to inspiring others to get involved it was also an opportunity for guest and participants to hear from one of Krabi’s leading charities, Lanta Animal Welfare, who had a booth at the event and was able to talk about what they do to help and better the lives of stray dogs and cats in Koh Lanta.

Heroic Fitness Krabi Aonang

These kind of strongman events are common in areas such as Bangkok, Chiang May, Pattaya and even Phuket but Krabi is now among the destinations which competitors can now keep their sights on for future events.

If you’re interested in getting involved with future strongman events hosted in Ao Nang, get in touch with the team of trainers at Heroic Fitness as there is currently plans to offer another event in May 2018 as a seasonal wrap up.

Heroic Fitness Krabi Aonang

Congratulations to the champions of the event, we hope to see you all again soon!

If you’re interested in getting fit while in krabi and want a great personal trainer to help you meet your goals pay a visit to Heroic Fitness and ask for the leading trainer on site Charles Berg.

Photos by. Sofie Karlsson