Opening new climbing routes in Krabi

Krabi has long since been a great destination throughout the world for climbers due to its dramatic cliffs and natural scenery which surrounds every mountain. It’s a beautiful place and offers easy and challenging climbs alike so all levels of climbers can find challenge here.

Rock climbing in Krabi began on Railay peninsula as it offers some of the most stunning views in the region. Many of the routes actually extend out over the ocean offering climbings the option to fall back into the sea, referred to locally as deep water soloing. Among other things Railay has been a great place for climbers to come and experience the sensation of pushing themselves and exploring absolute beauty for decades now.


Since the first bolt was planted climbers came from all around the globe, climbing magazines descending on the cliffs, guide books mapped the area and more and more came. Now it’s world renowned and because of this it’s sometimes rather busy on the cliffs, and although the view and scenery throughout Railay are truly breathtaking, sometimes climbers are searching for that new route, the unknown line where they can just climb in silence with their partner.

Last month we experienced just that.


A team of local climbers has taken to bolting new routes for climbers, giving tourists and locals alike options when it comes to choosing where to climb, their newest cliff which has been bolted features over 70 routes to choose from.

With rock climbing the tendency has always been to find a great place where the bolts are good, the routes are well known, the guides have all climbed each spot a few dozen times (if not a hundred times), and what is wrong with that? Rock climbing although one of the safest sports on the planet has an appearance on the outside of being dangerous, you want someone to guide who knows what they are doing, is well versed in the location and can give you tips and advice on grips and holds.

that’s been the case throughout Krabi for some time now, but it’s slowly shifting, more and more climbers are searching for new outlets to test their strength on, to push the limits for themselves and in general just to discover new places to climb. The new Mountains of Chong Plee offer just that, a place to challenge yourself but in a relative private and secluded area.


The rock face offers a range of difficulties starting from the more simple 4 and 5A routes to the most complicated 7C. All of the routes are within 100 meters of one another so you can try you fingers on more challenging routes without driving or travelling to whole new location.

Just 10 minutes outside Ao Nang in the quiet local village of Chong Plee is the first of such cliffs that has been prepared for climbing.

There is a bungalow resort located on Chong Plee soi 6 just next to the new mountain called Spirit Mountain climbers camp at the bungalows relax in total seclusion and then spend the days climbing on the huge rockface. Rooms can be rented there for a small fee starting at only 500THB/night, which offer the basics needed, comfortable privacy and generally surrounded by a great group of friendly climbers who are open to share their experiences on the rocks. When the sun comes up from it’s nightly slumber and you get outside the rocks are only 50 meters from the bungalows front doors making it easy to be first on the cliffs early in the morning. The resort Spirit Mountain climbers camp and bungalow is simple but the resorts manager Romano does a great job making you feel like family and right at home.


The community of climbers which diverge on this resort from all around the world is vast yet small as they all share the same passion and can relate easily on many levels because of this. The Resort itself offers simple yet comfortable accommodation, and also offers a simple restaurant serving everything Thai. Overall a great place to come, relax and take in the beauty of the mountain.

If you’re not into the idea of staying at the bungalows you can always just come for climbing, take your motorbike, car or whatever you have, the bungalow manager rents out equipment if needed. If you wish to have a fun guide service on the rocks it’s best you get in touch with Real Rocks Climbing School, who can organise guides to take you out to the rocks and show you how and where to climb.

Real Rock’s climbing school:


or visit their website:

Rock climbing is a great sport for those that have been pushing themselves for years now and for those that are just starting, the mountains throughout Krabi are a great option for those that want to start to learn something new or challenge themselves.