A global revolution in health is on the move as the application of energy medicine is becoming more studied and embraced in the scientific and medical realms.

What is BEMER?

BEMER Thailand KrabiBEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) – is a medical device that was developed 20 years ago in Germany and is currently being used in hospitals, clinics, spas and sports arenas in over 42 countries around the world.  This simple yet profound medical device, when used consistently, enhances blood flow in the smallest vessels (microvessels) by about 30%. Circulation in the microvessels make up about 74% of our body’s blood circulation, and good microcirculation is the foundation to good health.

Easy to use – BEMER is a physical vascular therapy device that is designed for easy use at home or at a therapy center. This is a system where one lies on the mat (the B.Body) for 8 minutes, and in that time, the specially configured BEMER signal is sent into the body using a low frequency pulsating electromagnetic field which results in enhanced blood flow of the microvessels. Do this twice daily for full benefit – EASY!

The blood is our body’s only delivery system – Optimal blood flow is critical to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells and to carry metabolic waste away from the cells and out of the body.  Without these basic functions, no system of the body can operate at its fullest potential.  For optimal functioning, all systems of the body depend on vigorous blood flow. This is the foundation of health, yet it is often overlooked because, until now, it has been difficult to affect it.

BEMER Thailand Krabi

The BEMER signal consists of the transmission of a special, multi-dimensional signal configuration.  This patented complex signal, when applied to the full body in one 8-minute session, reaches every cell and stimulates motion which results in an increase in ATP (cellular energy).  There is a 12-16 hour residual effect so the body continues to receive the benefits for a substantial duration.

BEMER supports the immune function – by facilitating optimal supply  of white blood cells and disposal of waste through better microcirculation. This enables cells to heal and for healthy cells to regenerate more quickly.

BEMER Thailand Krabi

Elite athletes around the world  – are finding tremendous success and recovery from BEMER therapy.  Recently, the winner of the prestigious RAAM (Race Across America) bicycle race, was an 8- man team who used BEMER therapy throughout their race. TEAM BEMER broke 2 world records and beat the 2nd place team by 2 DAYS!

BEMER Chart Thailand KrabiBEMER therapy is shown to enhance:

  • General blood flow
  • Nutrient and oxygen supply
  • Metabolic wastes removal
  • The body’s self-healing and self-regulatory abilities
  • Physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy 
  • Concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation
  • Sleep management

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