Going to the Extreme While on Holiday

There’s something about getting on an airplane and travelling for as many hours as it takes you to sleep through the night to come and experience a holiday in amazing Thailand. Arriving in this incredible country strikes up in most awe and wonder upon witnessing the natural topography, the sounds, smells and yes even the tastes of this incredible land. Southern Thailand in particular is teeming with incredible waterways, rivers, waterfalls, limestone karsts, lush foliage and incredible jungle terrain. It creates an unquenchable sense of adventure with a wanderlust for doing things that would be almost unthinkable in your own homeland. For those whom have been bitten by the extreme adventure bug there is an experience awaiting the faint of heart to the madman risk taker. Just outside of the bustling sea village of Ao Nang you are met with bumpy terrain and a menagerie of rubber trees. Nestle within this landscape you will find Thai’d Up Adventures. The name itself gives way to the type of excursion they provide. They really do have you tied up securely as you harness yourself in for the activity of a lifetime; Ziplining. Upon arrival you are greeted by a team of smiling staff decked out in what appears to be climbing gear. With a hearty, “hello” they invite you into a quaint reception area. Immediately you are faced with a wall full of apparatus that you need to wear during this thrill seeking adventure. A tad bit intimidating on first glance. As the guides begin to gear you up into the safety harnesses they instinctively and confidently provide you instruction as what to expect during your zipline adventure. Assuring you that the platforms are inspected before and even during your time zipping to and fro.  You’ll be grateful to hear that each of the guides are former or current professional climbers.  Even more appealing is that they are local climbers who are familiar with the terrain. After you are strapped into your harness and have been given all of the other safety equipment they take you through a short training course to emphasis safety during your time out in the wilderness.

Zipline Krabi AoNangNow it’s time to fly! Zip through trees, open ravines, through narrow passageways and even along a mountainside. You’ll even climb up gargantuaous trees to go from platform to platform; twenty in total.  The thrill of this zipline adventure is sailing above it all some sixty meters high and at a distance of two hundred and fifty meters. It will be the most exhilarating twenty five to thirty seconds of your life. You’ll never forget this part of the journey. The excursions are scheduled so that each group of people booked are scheduled at various times throughout the day. This gives you a V.I.P. experience and leaves you with the sense of being about just you and nature. You’ll be able to take your time, relax on one of the many platforms and take in the scenery of Krabi. The Thai guides will swap stories with you from their homeland and welcome hearing stories from your homeland too.  Although many of these incredible athletes may never leave amazing Thailand you will be pleasantly surprised at their language aptitude. No matter what country you are from there will be a guide that can speak English. Not only will they answer the questions you may have but they will also share local culture and tell you lots about your current surroundings. It will seem as if you been launched back in time as they share the rich history of Krabi. As you stand upon these elevated platforms swaying in the breeze, you will be able to look equal to the horizon and surprisingly witness the famous Krabi River and the Andaman Sea. This day is all about being above it all and sailing through it all as well. Within the lush fauna the call of nature will cry out surrounding you. You will hear and maybe even see, monkeys, birds and even silent aired butterflies mating in the breeze high above the ground. Finally to end your time out amongst the wild you will abseil down an incredible limestone wall to top off your adventure and tick off of your bucket list one more thrill seeking life adventure.

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by Zina Docto

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