Koh Lanta Restaurants – Barracuda Restaurant

Barracuda Restaurant located in the North Of Koh Lanta in the capital town of Saladan is one of a handful of establishments that take dockside dining to a whole new level. With an expansive, wooden dining room built right over the water, Barracuda Restaurant features a clean and modern interior space with splashes of traditional Thai style. The menu here is primarily Thai, with an obvious emphasis on you guessed it – seafood! The barracuda in particular is delicious, with twelve different styles in which it can be prepared, including deep fried with garlic or black pepper, spicy mango barracuda salad or the classic Thai barracuda spicy larb. The fresh catch of the day is presented in an attractive display as you enter, or you can order off the chef’s recommended menu, featuring soft shell crab, prawns and squid cooked up in a variety of Thai styles.

Vegetarian options available

An extensive menu is available for vegetarians, as well as curries or noodle dishes galore. Not in the mood for Thai? Barracuda has you covered with a variety of pastas, homemade pizzas and steaks available in both vegetarian or non-vegetarian options. Now time for the big question, why does the Barracuda Restaurant stand out amongst all the other oceanside dining options in Saladan? We think it’s the opportunity to chill out with a drink or dig into a plate of food as the sun goes down over the horizon. Lounging in one of the titillating relaxation nets suspended right above the water is just pure bliss. There’s nothing quite like the cool ocean breeze on you skin as you sit back with a full belly, as close to the ocean that you can be without getting wet.

Hours of operation : 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm 

Phone: +66 87 469 3128