A side of the road watering hole worth the stop

If you’re venturing from Railay West to Railay East on foot, you’ll pass by this small watering hole. Just a reminder though you might have to look twice before you see it. Set into a small row of businesses with a local feel, the Bang Bang Bar is named after its owner. That owner aptly named Bang Bang had a rather unique vision several years ago. Securing a business space that’s smaller than most bedrooms, Bang Bang built his clean  and funky bar with just enough space for a few friendly travelers and rock climbers. The space features a cozy, pleasing vibe and works perfectly for those who enjoy a cold drink and a bit of light conversation.

Whats special at Bang Bang Bar?

In contrast to some of the other bars in the area, which offer larger spaces, flamboyant entertainment and full restaurants, Bang Bang’s is distinct, personal and super cool. With a pretty full menu of drinks, Bang Bang’s most popular are the delicious frozen cocktails that he specializes in. Some of the more popular and worth trying drinks are piña coladas and daiquiris. There’s also rum and vodka highballs which are blended to perfection, whiskey, beer and everything you would expect at a bar. Though there is no food so come prepared. That being said we have heard Bang Bang running to grab some grub from shops nearby, but there is no guarantee on that. Most people come here to enjoy the simple pleasure of a drink in your hand, some good company and great vibes.

Hours of operation : 10:00 am – 10:00 pm