Dim Sum at it’s finest in krabi town at BaBao

Babao Dim Sum Restaurant in Krabi Town is flanked by unique bamboo structures making it easily recognizable from the street. These impressive covered pathways lead from either side into a circular, outdoor dining area that feels fresh, clean and natural. A refreshing outdoor fountain graces the center of the circle, and tables are arranged around it harmoniously. To the side you’ll notice the large, open and sparkling-clean kitchen, and you’ll know your eggs are fresh when you see the well-kept chicken coops nearby. BaBao serves Dim Sum starting at 6 am, so if you have a day of adventures planned and want to start the day off right, this is the place for you. With prices ranging from 25-45 THB per piece, you’ll enjoy choosing a few options like vegetable chive dumplings or pork congee. The dim sum is served from a large, clean display where you can consider all your options before making a selection. At lunch, menus are presented and you can choose between delicious Thai and Chinese dishes. Fish and shrimp are a specialty here, and you can enjoy crab meat dishes for as little as 220 THB. Choose from stir-fried dishes made in a variety of styles, or go for the extraordinary with braised sea cucumber, abalone or roasted goose. With a nice selection of spicy salads and vegetarian dishes, you’ll be able to get your daily veggie servings in, and real cappuccinos and espressos are available for the coffee lovers. With friendly and attentive staff, a charming outdoor atmosphere complete with regional street art, clean kitchen and outstanding food, we vote yes to BaBao Dim Sum while staying in Krabi Town. 

Hours of operation : 

6:00 am – 1:00 pm dim sum 

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm lunch menu

Phone:  +66 89 473 1704