Babaji Hostel centrally located on Krabi Ao Nang’s main road is a great place for sleep on a budget, it’s quiet, peaceful, clean and affordable.

Established by owner and traveller who wanted to create a place where backpackers could feel comfortable and at home yet do this on a budget and not break the bank. So Babaji hostel was created to offer just these services to the hundreds of travelers who venture through the streets of Ao Nang every month.

Since it’s inception numerous changes have been made at Babaji hostel making it more warm, cozy and homelike. One of the many additions to the ever evolving home of Babaji is the installation of a pool table centrally located for all patrons to socialize around. A young Danish man joined the crew of Babaji recently offering a more western approach to the dining options, feeling and general ambiance of the hostel.

Babaji HostelThere was actually recently a grass roof installed over the central grounds of the hostel’s dining and lounging area which soaks up the suns rays and repels all heat, leaving the whole of Babaji cool and comfortable throughout the day. One of the strange installations at Babaji but one of the more effective ones for creating a great comfortable atmosphere.

Welcome to all travelers Babaji hostel offers a variety of accommodation options of patrons. Large open dorm rooms for those who are looking to meet other adventurous travelers, as well as private rooms for those looking for a bit more privacy. So no matter what your need you can find it at Babaji.

Babaji HostelThe new Danish cook also whips up a mean Danish breakfast for those looking for something a little closer to home on their breakfast plate. Looking for thick bread, rich coffee, salty sil, marinated vegetables and of course traditional Danish sausages, then you’re in luck Babaji’s breakfast menu is something to try.

Come and see what it’s all about at Babaji.


 Babaji Hostel Krabi