Step off the beaten track and into the jungle for some hands-on learning about sustainability in paradise.

Short for Asian Sustainability Academy Koh Lanta, AsaLanta takes a holistic approach to education; promoting health, happiness and harmony for people and our planet. Started in 2009 by Anke and Aoi, a Dutch/Thai couple, the ever-growing community is open to anyone interested in learning how to build a sustainable future. Whether you have a few hours or something more permanent in mind, anyone can enjoy and be inspired by their simple, self-sufficient and healthy lifestyle.

AsaLantaAnke and Aoi began AsaLanta with a dream to live in harmony with nature and provide alternative education projects to promote sustainable living. With a philosophy of ‘a simple life is all we need’, AsaLanta makes as little environmental impact as possible by working with, instead of against, its natural surroundings. With help from volunteers from around the world and members of the local community, AsaLanta has grown to live this philosophy. From an empty piece of jungle with no buildings, electricity or running water, today stands a painstakingly crafted village of earthen houses, composting toilets, a bamboo teahouse and shop, a natural spa, a tree house and food forest.

If you have been longing to change your life, to feel free, travel to an exotic place and make a real connection with people and nature, or if you are simply looking to do something different on your holiday, AsaLanta can offer you a truly rewarding learning experience. Have your eyes opened, mind blown and soul inspired, be part of the local community, learn how to build a sustainable future and enjoy a simple, self-sufficient, healthy lifestyle for body, mind, and soul.

AsaLantaAsaLanta provides a great learning exchange, where everybody is a teacher and a student, learning from each other. You get to live in their earthen village for a week or up to 3 months and volunteer your time to the community for 3 hours in the morning, 5 days a week, allowing you to experience the local culture and obtain natural building and farming skills all at the same time. You have plenty of time to share with fellow community members and also go out to explore all that Koh Lanta has to offer.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the time to stay at AsaLanta. All visitors are welcomed and catered to in the cool and shady Teahouse. Built with local material, bamboo and clay, it looks absolutely beautiful and forms the heart of the village, where you can meet people from all walks of life and corners of the world. Visitors can pop by for a refreshing tea and delicious vegetarian lunch, visit the craft shop, have an angel card reading or crystal healing, and take the opportunity to have a stroll around the earthen village, where natural building is always in progress.

AsaLantaThe Asian Sustainability Academy offers a range of workshops by the hour for tourists and travelers alike, and is also developing a curriculum for the local children. Saturday and Sunday mornings are “school time”, when AsaLanta turns into an educational playground for local kids to practice English language and arts. Learning by doing, the youngsters really get into the activities. They work, play and practice alongside all the international members of the community.

AsaLanta is run solely by volunteers, so booking any workshop activities in advance is essential. For more information on all that AsaLanta has to offer, or to find out how you can get involved, visit

Asalanta’s simple life