Not easy to discover are the treasures of culture in the Province Krabi. Yet Krabi has a lot to offer and it has become one of the top priorities for Krabi municipality to bring the culture of Krabi closer to the locals as well as to the tourists.

One example of this cultural revival is the Andaman Art Museum and Cultural Center in Krabi town in Maharaj Alley (Pak Nam district).

Originally opened November 2013 the museum and cultural center has been undergoing exhibit overhauls and renovations since then, it is only now that the museum and cultural center can enjoy a true grand opening.

Andaman Art MuseumThe main purpose of the museum is to provide Thai and international artists a platform, where they can work together and exchange experiences and to showcase their works to the public.

The museum currently displays about 600 pieces crafted by artists from all around the world.

These pieces cover a range of works and styles, from paintings, photographs, woodcarving to multimedia works, all of which reflect the history of the past, the present and the future all with a general focus on Asia.

Andaman Art Museum

The museum is divided into different areas:

1. The “ Klong Thom Beads” Museum

True works of art, Klong Thom beads are an integral part of Krabi society and can be seen adorning the necks of many locals throughout the province. What makes these beads significant and when did they begin to be manufactured are some of the questions that this exhibit explains. Although these beads were originally created over two centuries ago their significance is still relevant in everyday society therefore the exhibit is set in a more modern ambience.

Andaman Art Museum

2. The permanent exhibition

Mostly made up of paintings, the main building of the museum complex presents works of art spread out over three floors throughout five separate rooms.

The first exhibition room called “Ranong” displays the works of a number of local artists from the south coast of Thailand.

The second room “Phang Nga” showcases works by young awarded artists of Thailand.

The third showroom “Trang” is home to the paintings of famous national artists from Thailand. Such artists as Prayad Pongdam, Thawan Duchanee and Kamol Tassananchalee (he attend the workshop and Watercolor exhibition last month as well) only to name a few.

In the fourth room ‘Phuket’ you can see art by a huge number of international artists.

The fifth room “Krabi” includes works of national artists and also an exhibition of talented young people from the five provinces of Southern Thailand.

3. Temporary exhibitions

Each month a new exhibition featuring work from different artists and themes is displayed

Andaman Art Museum ExhibitionEven if you have seen the Art Museum in Krabi already, there is always an interesting temporary exhibition to be seen. It is worthy to discover what is actual the theme and who are the artists. The temporary exhibits are not only “rainy day” activities, the art featured at them is worthy of notice and will leave an impact on you.

“Asian Watercolor: Art Workshop & Exhibition 2016” was the most recent temporary exhibition in June / July 2016. It combined a watercolor painting workshop with more than 60 renowned national and contemporary artists as well as renowned international artists from 9 Asian countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia , Indonesia, Singapore, China, Japan, India and of course Thailand. This workshop was held for the first time this year and the many famous artists were all honorably invited by Krabi Municipality.

The paintings, all made from watercolors are truly works of art. They all reflect a wonderful cross-section of the most diverse landscapes of Asia combined with scenes of daily life. Bright colors that capture the various moods and attitudes towards life.

The opening of the exhibition was held by the Governor of the province of Krabi, Dr. Phinich Boonlert, the Mayor of Krabi Municipality Mr. Keeratisak Phukaoluan and the Chairman of Krabi Provincial Education Council Mr. Chuan Phukaoluan. The ceremony was held in the attendance of all artists participating in the workshop, in the exhibition rooms of the Andaman Art Museum,

At the exhibition I also met Mr. Bancha Ma from Ao Nang. An unexpected treasure, right on our doorstep. Mr. Bancha and his wife run a small guest house business; Relax @ Krabi which also features a home gallery, it is located in Aonang / Nopparathara. How wonderful it must be, if one may spend their holidays in the midst of so much art.

andaman-art-museum-1Actually Mr. Bancha Ma is an architect and has worked on numerous hotels and resorts throughout Krabi over the past few decades. In his younger years Mr Bancha ma used to play guitar and harmonica in a rock and roll band . Much of the diversity in his life you can clearly see in his paintings as well as the design of his guest house. The primary focus of his art is made up of watercolor paintings, in fact he is a member of the International Watercolor Society (IWS).

He has participated in the workshop in Krabi and his paintings can also be seen at the exhibition “Asian Watercolor Art Workshop & Exhibition 2016” in Krabi. Some of his paintings are right now part of exhibitions in Bangkok (Rivercity). In September he will attend a exhibition from September 9 – 25, 2016 in Budapest, Hungary.

Recently Mr. Bancha ma was invited to the exhibition “LOVE UNITED” the first International Watercolor Biennale hosted in Hong Kong”. At the love united exhibit works from over 60 different countries will be displayed from October 13-16 this year.

In addition to his guest house Mr. Bancha ma is also a teacher for watercolor painting. If you are interested on a half day course or full day course please contact him at his Facebook site:

 Bancha ma Facebook page

The opening times of the Andaman Art Museums and Cultural Centers are daily from 10:00 – 16.30. Admission is free.

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