If you want to have a break from the beach and try another way to enjoy your holidays and relax, take a deep breath and go to Ao Nang Yoga.

Ao Nang Yoga offers a systematic and flexible approach to yoga that will suit all your needs.
The practice integrates the use of postures (Asana), breathing (Pranayama), relaxation (Shavasana), meditation (Dhana) to relieve pain, prevent injuries, and promote a general well-being.
Yoga practice is the best way to workout, tone your muscles, get you in shape fast and also develop your « whole person » by putting the emphasis on awareness and control. The incorporation of mind and body helps to lower both physical and mental stress. Yoga is a unique exercise that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, strength, or flexibility.

At Ao Nang Yoga, no more aches and pains you will gain energy instead of losing it and at the end of the class you will feel amazing and definitely want to come back.


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 Krabi Aonang Yoga