What does a night out in Ao Nang look like? As well as being a prime adventure destination, Ao Nang nightlife is vivid. With so many different bars and restaurants dotting the main strip, the variety is fierce. You’ll find a wide range of after-hours activities in the expanse of a very small strip of land. But the bar scene doesn’t end on the beach. Those who venture to the nooks and crannies of this bustling village can discover some wild and wonderful nightlife, some of the best in Ao Nang.

From the casual and comfortable to the wild and the weird, bar life in Ao Nang is not lacking. Looking for delicious food set to chilled out acoustic music? How about a cocktail and a sing-along? Ao Nang has got you covered. Karaoke, cabaret shows, dining, dancing and drinking are all available here.

Ao Nang is popular with the backpacker scene. Therefore, you can find a plethora of bars catering to a younger crowd. Live bands play loud, and even more popular are DJs. During high season (November-April) you’ll frequently see large groups of travelers sporting “pub crawl” tank tops as they make their way to all the hottest spots. There is enough nightlife in Ao Nang to wear out even the most resilient party-goer. Nevertheless, there are still refuges for those who seek the more relaxed side of life.

Maybe you need to be up early for that rock-climbing adventure or island-hopping extravaganza. Even if you’re not into loud music and late nights, Ao Nang nightlife has something to offer you, too. Bars in Ao Nang cater to more than just the backpackers. Therefore, Ao Nang entertains travelers from all walks of life in their own style.

Ao Nang is pretty small, and much of the nightlife is condensed beside the beach. It’s easy to become entranced by the lights and sounds just by walking around. But if you’re looking for some guidance, check out our list of top nightlife spots in Ao Nang.