Thinking of Where to eat in Ao Nang?

Dining in Thailand is a big deal, and Ao Nang is no exception. When it comes to where to eat in Ao Nang, you’ll have plenty of authentic options. Because the tourism boom here is relatively recent, Ao Nang retains much of its traditional flavor. But a growing interest in the area means that many creative restaurants have set up shop here, hoping to satiate hungry travelers with their creations.

With people from across the globe making Ao Nang their vacation destination, one of the things you can count on is variety. Much of the area is saturated in delicious Thai food and seafood, but Ao Nang restaurants are not limited to just this making the options of Where to eat in Ao Nang all the more difficult. Most venues offer an international menu, while others shift their focus entirely. Therefore, the question of where to eat in Ao Nang has a much broader application when you consider all of its worldly offerings.

From authentic Italian to tantalizing Arabian food, Ao Nang restaurants offer flavors as diverse as its inhabitants. Expats from many nations reside here, offering the best of tastes from around the globe. You’ll find sense-arousing Indian food, juicy steaks and imported delights. Layered flavors, seafood and lots of options characterize many Ao Nang restaurants. But where to eat in Ao Nang?

Like the nightlife and other offerings, much of Ao Nang’s dining is centered around the beach. You’re not likely to leave this area hungry. Hopeful restaurateurs call out to potential diners, hoping to entice the hungry into a meal. You could just go with the most appealing offer. However, if you’re hoping for a more organized approach to dining, you can check out this list we’ve compiled of our favorite places to eat in Ao Nang. Besides, the beach doesn’t lay claim to all the best restaurants in Ao Nang. Quite a few are off the beaten path, but exploring foodies rejoice! Our list has you covered, from the most local of delights to the finest fares.

Andamana Beach Club

andamana beach club
Beachfront dining in style at Andamana Beach Club The Andamana Beach Club is Krabi’s first beach club, a true feat of architectural innovation built from a  range of natural materials. Primarily built from bamboo, but also containing a few pieces of hardwood furniture to rest your heavy souls on. Many of us are looking for that special place to go rest, socialize, maybe listen to music and chill out, but where to go in Krabi? The Andaman is your new go-to place for everything above. Nestled amid the local trees and mangrove forests on the shores of Ao Nam Mao beach The Andamana Beach Club offers a unique chance to enjoy a meal, play a game or have a cocktail. Otherwise you can also just chill out with friends and family in a safe and comfortable environment, it's all up to you. The Energy mocktail is a must try for everyone taking...

Cafe 8.98

cafe 8.98
Brooklyn Styled Cafe in the heart of Ao Nang If you're in the mood for high quality, decadent breakfasts and lunches, look no further than Café 8.98. This modern Brooklyn styled café has a bit of a reputation in Ao Nang as the place where all the expats eat when they're craving a taste of home. You'll find all the best of vacation breakfasts here, with classy, loaded omelettes and perfectly done eggs Benedict. For lunch, choose a unique sandwich on fresh baked ciabatta bread, with delicious toppings such as smoked salmon, artichoke, BBQ pulled pork or bacon and egg. Salad connoisseurs will be impressed with the trendy options and might have a hard time choosing between lemongrass chicken and couscous; pumpkin, feta and artichoke; or a classic Caesar done right with the best ingredients. If you've been out exploring all day and come back to town hungry, don't worry, because...

The Crab Company

the crab company
Beachfront Seafood dining at it's best On the north end of Ao Nang's beach road, you'll find a delightful walking street, lined with restaurants overlooking the ocean. Our top pick here is The Crab Company. The Crab Company features an airy blue and white decor, friendly staff and outstanding menu. Like most of the establishments in this area, The Crab Company specializes in seafood, and you guessed it - crab. After gazing around in wonder at the view, you'll open the menu to see that crab dishes are the first things mentioned, and you'll see options like spicy crab curry with pineapple, signature black pepper crab, or soft shell crab with garlic. Serving primarily Thai food, The Crab Company serves all the best flavours in Krabi, and with steak and lobster, BBQ vegetables added on to the impressive list of items, you're sure to find something to please everyone. Seafood and...

Crazy Gringo’s

mexican food ao nang
Get down with Mexican food at Crazy Gringo's Have you ever had that pang for tacos and you just know that nothing else will do? We've all been there, and luckily there's a place in Ao Nang that can satisfy your Mexican food in Krabi craving and then some. Crazy Gringos is a popular restaurant located in the heart of the tourist district, a stone's throw from the main pier at Ao Nang. Whatever you're in the mood for - tacos, burritos, nachos or quesadillas - Crazy Gringos has it, and done right. If you don't have a specific item in mind when you sit down, you might have a hard time choosing your meal, as everything looks so good! At first you might find the prices a little higher than you're used to, especially if you've been eating mainly local food, but when your meal arrives you'll see why: the portions...

Jenna’s Bistro and Wine

fine dining at Jennas ao nang
Fine dining like you've never had at Jenna's The first thing you'll notice about Jenna's Bistro and wine bar is the elegant outdoor seating area. Comfortable chairs and fresh flower arrangements provide a dose of elegance even before you look at the menu. Located in between Starbucks and newly built KoKotel on the main road in Ao Nang. Its hard to miss this fine dining restaurant as you walk down the glittering lights of this bustling strip there is always a sandwich board on the main drag advertising the nightly specials. With 4 1/2 stars and offering a French fusion style menu, you can enjoy upscale dining with the delicious flavours. Let textures of Australian black Angus beef with your choice of house-made sauce, delectable handcrafted pastas and fresh, crispy salads take you and your party into the evening in style. Vegetarians and the gluten-intolerant can delight as well, as gluten,...

D&E’s Jungle Kitchen

jungle kitchen ao nang
Honest and local Thai food at Jungle kitchen D&E's Jungle Kitchen, located right across the street from the landmark Slumber Party hostel. Enjoy a delightful outdoor dining experience away from the relative madness of the beach road but still in the midst of a prime commercial area. Protected from the weather by cozy, covered bamboo tables and huts covered in jungle foliage. The Jungle Kitchen leads back from the street into a satisfying maze of seating, with fans to keep you cool and all the smells of delicious Thai cooking to keep you hungry. The menu here is compact enough not to be intimidating, while making sure to offer all the best of Krabi's Thai flavours. Most dishes are offered with a choice of vegetarian, tofu, meat or seafood and include a selection of delectable curries, fried local vegetables and the classic tom kha or tom yum soups. This is the...

Kodam Kitchen

kodam kitchen ao nang
Kodam Kitchen, Ao Nang's best kept secret Tucked away in the side streets of downtown Ao Nang is a delightful Thai restaurant called the Kodam Kitchen. There are plenty of places to enjoy Thai food in Ao Nang, but sometimes it's worth veering off of the main strip to find this hidden gem. The Kodam Kitchen serves tasty, authentic Thai cuisine with an ambience that can't be beaten. Enjoy dishes such as the delectable kao ob sapparot goong (pineapple fried rice) or kang pet ped yang (roasted duck in red curry with pineapple). If you like curries, the Massaman comes highly recommended by the staff. Or indulge in a variety of fresh seafood options like baked mussels in a hot pot with Thai basil or deep fried garlic snapper. You'll be greeted with a smile here by the friendly staff, and a pleasant outdoor seating arrangement. The seating area is protected...

The Last Fisherman Bar and Restaurant

last fisherman ao nang
Seafood dining in a bamboo beachfront restaurant The last fisherman bar and restaurant in ao nang is the last in a row of beachfront businesses flanking the Ao Nang beach walking street. You'll enjoy the walk beside the water, with twinkling lights in the evening and music drifting to your ears. A large, signed gate proclaims your entrance into The last fisherman bar and restaurant in Ao Nang. With its ample beachside dining area covered by trees bursting with greenery. Enjoy the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore as you gaze out into the distance in a Western facing orientation. Look out towards nearby Poda Island so close you feel like you can touch it. The staff at The last fisherman bar and restaurant in ao nang are exceptionally friendly, and the menu features a range of items, from wraps, burgers, pastas and BBQ items to the best of Thai...

Mama Thai Restaurant

mama restaurant ao nang
Authentic Thai food at a local price on the main beach road Close to Ao Nang's main mosque, tucked away neatly beside the Slumber Party hostel, you'll find two side by side Thai food stalls with plenty of outdoor seating one named Mama Thai Restaurant the other Amp & Aing Thai food. These two shops are your go-to for your favorite noodle dishes and classic Thai flavours. You'll feel just like a local as you feast on delicious noodle soups and fried vegetables and various curries. And with most dishes costing only around 60 THB, you'll be able to try a few without breaking the bank! Stimulate your taste buds with curries, fried rice with cashew nuts, pad Thai or fried yellow noodles. Food is prepared freshly in front of you, and you can chill under the fans with a cold drink while you wait. So close they could be sisters, the...