Ao Nam Mao is a stretch of beach lying directly between Krabi town and Railay. It is slowly beginning to get some attention in the eye of hotel and resort developers, but still relatively quiet and undeveloped. The beach itself stretches over three kilometers, wrapping around coves and the undulating stretch of Ao Nam Mao. There are places throughout the beach where trees and undergrowth extend onto the beach, meeting the high tide mark, which creates some very secluded areas with trees and brush on either side.

Krabi Ao Nammao

The general foliage that grows close to the beach is composed of enlarged mangrove trees with rich green leaves. The tree trunks are like extended root like structures, contorted and twisted in remarkable angles and shapes. These overgrown bushes or mangroves make for perfect hammock hanging spots – string one up and swing the day away with a book and a beer.

Krabi Ao Nammao Pier

Ao Nam Mao beach is home to only a few resorts and homes, but this is beginning to change. At the Ao Nam Mao pier, which is located at the far western end of Ao nam Mao beach, longtail tickets to Railay can be bought for just 60THB for one-way. Following eastward from the pier towards Krabi town, you can see Krabi Tropical Resort – a simple and small group of ten rooms which enjoy a vast garden, ending at the beach. Beyond the Krabi Tropical Resort, you find a small pathway with a white kilometer marker which marks the entrance to the trail. This trail is just large enough for a motorbike or person on foot and extends from the road and ends further on down the beach. It is only well known among locals, so you may find this stretch of beach completely empty.

Gastropod Fossil Beach

If you feel adventurous, you can drive your motorbike right on the path and directly to the beach. You may lock and leave your bike there as the area is so infrequently visited, you will probably see no one other than those at the resort. Past the Krabi Tropical Resort, you there is a small, tastefully designed villa project called Rimlay Villas. It is comprised of quiet and simple private villas which are right on the beach and can be visited for a very reasonable rate.

Fossil Beach Perls

Walking on the beach can be a wonderful activity as the beach is relatively uninhabited and provides for beautiful little stretches of beach, completely void of people. Some run on the beach, some bike on the strand, and some do yoga in the early mornings. At Ao Nam Mao, all of this is because there is little risk of being overwhelmed by a crowded beach. Why not give it a try?

Ao NammaoIf you’re looking for a great beach club, Krabi-style, then look no further than The Andaman Beach Club, located about two kilometers from Ao Nam Mao. It is built with a fantastic array of bamboo. Their Mojito is a must! There are a range of swings, hammocks, and other lounging equipment for guests of The Andamana Beach Club to relax and frolic in the tidal areas surrounding the Club.

Another must-visit destination on the Ao Nam Mao beach is the Krabi Fun Park, located toward the end of Ao Nam Mao. While on the main beach road, continue on until you see the mosque on your right, then turn left. Follow this road until you see a sign for Krabi Fun Park on the right. The Krabi Fun Park is a great place for kids, adults, and everyone in between. It’s an array of structures suspended a few meters off the ground with ropes attaching them to one another. Visitors can rides bicycles, rock out on a great zip line, walk on tight ropes, and much more. For information contact them directly:

Krabi Fun Park on TripAdvisor

Finally, worth mentioning on the Ao Nam Mao stretch, is the Gastropod Fossil Shell Beach area – not necessarily for its photogenic attributes – but the shopping outlets that have come to call this place home are fantastic. You can find an array of pearl dealers which sell both loose pearls as well as pearls inlaid in rings, necklaces, bracelets and many other pieces of jewelry. The assortment of jewelry is fabulous, but the prices incredible. Stunning loose black pearls which would run you $100 – $300 in Europe and North America can be bought at this market for less than $20 – you do the math!

Enjoy Ao Nam Mao!

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