A Great budget option for those searching for Railay accommodation

Railay’s east side is where you’ll find a significant portion of the accommodation options, and not too far along the path is the well-established Anyavee Railay Resort. Developed over a decade ago, the Anyavee offers the amenities of a resort while remaining a modestly-priced option. Though the resort has not been updated in some time, arrangements are still comfortable and prices remain affordable. Rooms are grouped into four varieties – the ground floor standard suites contain two twin beds with a large terrace, while superior rooms feature a queen sized bed and a partial view of the east side of Railay Bay. Also available are quaint wooden bungalows surrounding the pool, and family rooms. The pool itself is medium-sized and boasts infinity views of the sea to the east, especially during high tide. A variety of loungers surround the pool deck so you can relax next to the fresh water if you don’t feel like walking over to Railay West for a dip in the ocean. Guests can choose to have breakfast included in the cost of the room, or pay separately at the small Sawasdee Restaurant, serving Thai food, breakfasts and international items. Some rooms come equipped with air conditioning and hot water, while others are more basic. All rooms, however, come with free wifi and complimentary bottled water. Rated best by couples, the Anyavee Railay is a good choice for those looking for mid-range accommodation with some perks. A warning, however – some of the rooms are quite close to nearby bars, so if you’re here for the parties, these will be perfect for you. If you like a little more peace and quiet, ask for a room further back and you’ll be just fine.

For more information or to make. booking pease visit: www.anyaveerailay.com