Andaman Beads Museum

The Andaman Beads Museum is a great place to visit in Krabi town, to learn about Krabi’s history and the many artists who call this place home.

Krabi in all it’s natural beauty has been a place of great inspiration for artists both locally and internationally to photograph, paint, sculpt and create. The natural landscape that makes Krabi so unique provides for a truly stunning backdrop for inspiring creation and an imagination to flow.

Thai people are extremely creative and have a large emphasis on visual arts and ingenuity. For example, look around you and notice the well-known tuk tuk; well let it be known that this is not a product manufactured in a factory, the modern day tuk tuk was created because of the necessity for transporting goods and people but created by those without the financial means to purchase a car or truck. Most tuk tuk’s are unique, this is because most of them are created individually, each having their own mark on it. In Thailand, even a mechanic can be an artist in his own world.

It is no wonder than that Thailand is full of creative people who can take a simple medium and create a work of art. Krabi is home to a large number of these artistic people who can create wonderful works for the rest of us to enjoy but before now they have no place to showcase them. Now that the new Andaman beads Museum is open these artists finally have a centralised outlet for their work to be appreciated by others.

The entrance to the museum is home to (like any other museum) the souvenir shop where you can pick up a postcard, T-Shirt, cloth bag or any of the numerous other items adorned with the images from around the museum. You can even get some framed copies of the most popular paintings found the museum, and the prices are very reasonable.

Changing exhibits

The exhibit on Klong Thom beads exhibit has just been opened and shows off much of what makes the bead culture in the region so important. Klong Thom beads are one of the famous historical items in Krabi, the beads themselves have been made for centuries by the locals people of Klong Thom (about 40 minutes from Ao Nang and Koh Lanta). The beads are made form the many various colourful rocks found in the area, they are cut in all shapes and sizes and when strung together in a necklace make for a truly amazing work of art.

You can often see these beads adorn the necks of various government officials or those who have strong support for Krabi’s history and tradition.

After the general entrance move back towards the end of the museum where you will see glass doors and a large sculpture inside. This is the painting exhibit, where you should plan on spending the majority of your time at the museum as the work found here covers a wide range of work.

The Andaman Beads Museum is not very popular among the locals and tourists so you don’t need to worry about lines or crowds to push your way through to see the many paintings spread out over the three floors of this exhibit. The whole area is air conditioned and it’s a great place to stroll around, relax and look at the many different works of art.

In this exhibit there are also a number of small sculptures throughout that range from the simple wooden statue to the more ornate, modern and interpretive pieces that would be at home in the Tate Modern!

A great place to spend with your family and friends admiring the many different pieces of artwork. It is located in Krabi Town just after the sabertooth tiger traffic light on Maharat Road.

The museum is open Monday – Friday 10 am – 5 pm and is free to the public