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Promote Your Business with Krabi Magazine

Krabi Magazine is Krabi’s leading English-language publication targeting the tourism market (which exceeded 1,000,000 visitors in 2014) as well as the expatriate community living in Krabi. If your interested in growing you business then you might consider to advertise with Krabi Magazine.

Krabi Magazine is published 10 times throughout the year, monthly with the April – May & August – September issues combined. 2,000 copies of every issue are printed and distributed to over 500 hotels, guest houses, medical clinics and cafes throughout the Krabi province from Ao Nang and Klong Muang to Koh Lanta and Krabi Town.

Krabi Magazine is strategically located at both of the information booths at Krabi Airport and the Thai Airways Lounge in Krabi Airport, making it one of the first sources for information for visitors to Krabi province.

Currently Krabi Magazine website receives approximately 10,000 visitors per month, making it one of the most visited websites in Krabi.

If you would like to receive a hard copy, please visit one of the many outlets we distribute our magazine to throughout Krabi province. If you cannot find a copy, please feel free to email us and we can get a copy to you.

Interested in Advertising with Krabi Magazine in our hard copy magazine? Here are some things you should know:
We print 4,000 copies of Krabi Magazine a month and distribute them throughout Krabi province, we typically have Krabi Magazine distributed in 4 & 5 star hotels lobby, receptions, spas and other areas. We also have copies of krabi magazine distributed directly into a number of 5 star hotel rooms. Currently Krabi Magazine is features in the rooms of over 2,000 different rooms throughout Krabi. If you are interested in having your business or service represented in the pages of Krabi Magazine please get in touch with our team and we’ll set up a meeting time when we can discuss more details on Krabi Magazine and what it can bring to your business.

Magazine Advertising Sizes

full page

Full page

bleed: 216 x 286

trim: 210 x 280

type area: 200 x 265

half page horriz

Half page Horizontal

bleed: 216 x 146

trim: 210 x 140

type area: 200 x 130

half page vert

Half page Vertical

bleed: 108 x 286

trim: 102 x 280

type area: 92 x 265

vertical strip

Vertical strip

bleed: 87 x 286

trim: 81 x 280

type area:  71 x 265

quater page

Quarter page

bleed: 108 x 146

trim: 102 x 140

type area:  92 x 130

Be on Krabi Map

Krabi Map is published once annually. 60,000 copies are printed every September and are distributed throughout Krabi province to over 500 locations including hotels, guest houses, cafes and medical clinics as well as the Thai Airways lounge and both information booths (Terminal 1 and 2) in Krabi International Airport.