Located to the south of Krabi, Koh Lanta has been steadily changing over the past 15 years.

An almost identical island to the world famous and well respected Phuket in terms of the quality and the number of beaches. Koh Lanta has been a part of the local tourist scene in Thailand for the past 15 years when the first primitive beachside bungalows began popping up, followed soon after by larger and more luxurious resorts being built. The Island has since been a hot bed for tourism and shows no signs of stopping. The somewhat remote and isolated feeling one used to get when coming to Koh Lanta has since changed some two years ago when the first bridge connecting Koh Lanta Yai to Koh Lanta Noi was built. The second bridge which will connect the mainland to Koh Lanta Noi is scheduled to begin construction in 2020 and plans to be completed sometime in 2024.

If we use Phuket as a shining example of what potential Koh Lanta has for future development, we can see striking similarities. Both islands share perfect western facing beaches. The islands shape, geography, weather. The crystal clear water and soothing temperatures  of the water lapping at the islands shores, similar sunset views make Koh lanta an ideal place for anyones holiday. Proximity to international airports is also of paramount importance. In the near future, Koh Lanta has plans to expand it’s infrastructure further by building a second bridge over the second waterway. Even before the 2024 watershed date, Koh Lanta is seeing a massive surge in growth and development. Phuket was transformed from a small sleepy island some 40 years ago to the massive tourist hub that we see today, taking in nearly 10,000,000 tourists annually. Koh Lanta has all of the ingredients to become a secondary major tourist hub for the region. WE can be assured that Phuket’s little sister will transform into a powerhouse of development in terms of sustainable tourism, housing growth and business opportunities in the very near future. There is one added bonus that Koh Lanta has been gifted with and that which Phuket is lacking, the perfectly clear waters as well as the unpolluted beaches.

Koh Lanta Island Krabi

Koh Lanta, an island of more than 40 kilometers in length and 15 kilometers in width has a population of just over 30,000 full time local residents. The numbers of visiting tourists to this ‘quiet’ island in 2017 topped 1,000,000 making it the second most visited island in Krabi province after Koh Phi Phi. This surge in tourists coming to Koh Lanta has resulted in a massive growth in the quality of accommodation options, roads, expanding piers and overall general infrastructure development.

It is an undeniable sign that there is much more to come…


This growth has come with mixed reactions from the local Koh Lanta community, and given that Koh Lanta has up until recently been a hidden gem, the new phenomenon of self-imploding unregulated development has prompted the local government to implement many sensible changes. Due to the large number of hotels, guest houses and other forms of developments springing up like fast growing bamboo, the government of Koh Lanta has temporarily put a moratorium on all new large scale developments being implemented on the island for a period of a maximum of 5 years. This ban was implemented IN 2017, with 4 years remaining on the building hiatuses. 

The government of Koh Lanta is well aware of global warming issues, with much of this shift due to human activity. The world is a fast changing place. Population shifts, mass migrations, wars, economic and social issues, development in terms of technology and easy cheap air access to new destinations have all contributed towards infrastructure and housing patterns changing at record rates. The housing and infrastructure development is taking more and more of the local land and converting it into human habitable space. This however comes at an unacceptable cost. There is a major issue in the fact that when raw land is converted into roads, or traditional buildings, this directly impacts on the carbon footprint that this brings to the land. The amount of energy that is required, plus the resources it takes to maintain that structure are immense. Traditional concrete buildings are some of the world’s worst contributors to global warming by utilising concrete – an extremely harmful product in terms of carbon emissions – and ultimately global warming. 

Koh Lanta Island Krabi

Green is in……!

More and more designers and architects are successfully altering and influencing the way in which we think and the way that they design and construct buildings to impart them with a less damaging impact on their environment. The public is calling out for more and more work in embracing research and development to be carried out on green building, and thereby having a more synergetic sharing of ideals with their environment. A seamless blend of technology and nature to give a more harmonious relationship. This is where we would like to be instrumental in introducing you to Lanta House and Land, an international real estate agency whose prime focus is on the sensible and sustainable development of land throughout Koh Lanta, to pair investors with the right projects to meet their needs whilst at the same time advising them and guiding them through the current building regulations and restrictions on Koh Lanta. Lanta House and Land has a number of different projects both large and small to fit most developers ideal ‘wish lists’ and budgets. There are a number of world class stunning land plots featuring Western facing sea views of which most are difficult to beat. One of the featured properties currently in the development stages is aptly named ‘The Beach’ located on a 23 rai plot of beach front land on Klong Kong beach. The project manager in charge of the team responsible for overall strategic planning is Nic Koppala. A highly talented and accomplished Swedish building expert, fully qualified in architectural, structural and building engineering. Nic is also the driving force, partner and face of Lanta House and Land. Nic also offers a complete bespoke A – Z turnkey planning, management, design and building service combined with and after sales property management, overseeing such areas such as marketing, rental management and general maintenance.

Solar Green House Krabi

Currently in the planning stages, The Beach is a unique one – of – a – kind eco resort project which will feature a number of individual private villas for investors to purchase for their own use, as well as providing as income by being entered into the resorts rental inventory, and subsequently expertly managed by the resorts professional branded management team. The resort will be a tipping point for Koh Lanta and will further contribute and drive the islands synergic orientation towards the environment. The project as well as a number of other conscientious and environmentally friendly exciting land opportunities can be found on the website for Lanta House and Land.

Lanta House and Land is a professional specialist in real estate investing in Koh Lanta. With modern offices based in a prime location on Koh Lanta, as well as international coverage of affiliated property markets and investment opportunities throughout Koh Lanta, Lanta House and Land is your exclusive go – to agent on Koh Lanta.

For more information on land ownership, villa purchase, turn key operation, company formation and all other property services, contact Nic and his professional friendly team at Lanta House and Land, who are all fluent in English, Swedish and Thai.



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