Today’s modern age can be overwhelming; social media is a constant attack on our psyche and ego, relentless political news stories  seem to never stop pouring out of the mainstream media outlets, and we’re all connected to this 24 hours a day. A group of likeminded individuals who have traveled the world and experienced this sensation for some time have decided to change their lives to live in a paradigm shift, and in doing so offer others to join them on this journey.

Let’s start with the beginning, when our journey commenced many years ago. Called by the numerous mysteries of our world we decided to travel. Since then we’ve never stopped, although travelling took different forms. BlissTribes as a collective is a product of our travelling experiences and their numerous consequences. Travelling addresses the need that some people have to discover and explore new territories, new cultures, new ways, new values, new perceptions. Travelling and by extension living abroad for extensive periods of time, is exposing oneself to the unknown, observing subtle and obvious differences that disturb, amaze, shocks and triggers questions, debates, and more often than not, a deep and rather abrupt revision of who we are, amending our own identity. It’s like watching a movie, which the ending cannot be predicted but whose teachings are transformative. How amazing is that?

Bliss Tribes Krabi

When we are brave enough to sincerely confront our taught values to the ones we witness and experience we then can expand our consciousness, we grow our awareness and we become a stronger part of the collective intelligence. Our root system expands and reaches new grounds. We absorb a new and more diverse array of “nutrients” in the form of ideas, visions, feelings and relationships. We become more resilient, more alive, more capable of fully expressing our potential as we detach ourselves from norms and rules, set values and conventions. We become fluid and adaptable, we embrace the most fundamental feature of life itself, wholeness and uniqueness in diversity, we become one with the whole while unique in our gifts that we are better able to manifest.

It is fascinating to see how individuals and communities throughout the world have different degree of self-development, sense of community and different tools to enable wellness, resilience and bliss. Throughout our journeys and experiences we have been immersed in the heart of some of these knowledge and traditions while deconstructing our own foundations. Through time we learnt to respect, value and embrace this diversity of ways and practices and identified what fit us individually the most as a way to let our own light shine, liberating us from our fears.

Strong of these experiences, BlissTribes gather a community of free minds, artists and explorers who came together to share pieces and bits of these experiences which contribute, we believe, to a blissful life. BlissTribes is thriving in giving back what we have leanred, what we achieved and the skills we developed through our journeys because we believe this is a beautiful purpose. Through our activities and experiences, we thrive in encouraging a collective reorientation of our thinking, as a global community, towards what we believe is beautiful to each of us, so beauty and goodness becomes the new motivation. BlissTribes thrives in acknowledging problems but looking at the solutions, digging in the vast collective intelligence to enable the shift that we need towards a blissful life. As such BlissTribes is a wellness solutions provider, spreading love, boundless creativity and inspiration for a better and more beautiful world.


Bliss Tribes is a community of free minds, artists and explorers whose mission is to

  • Design wellness and self-development activities, workshop and retreats to create a more conscious, resilient and ethical world community for sustainability
  • Become a platform for all thing wellness and coordinate with independent practitioners to implement our retreats, workshops and activities
  • Strengthen local communities by involving locals in participating and organizing our activities


What do we propose?

While BlissTribes is intended to offer itself as a gathering and nurturing platform available for all, we also organise events, including workshops and retreats here in rural Krabi. Our community is composed of skillful and experienced Yoga instructors as well as Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Nutrition professionals as well as creative artists and healers. Our tribe also hosts Nature therapists and sustainable living experts in addition to outdoor adventure and sustainable tourism professionals.

Together we propose a diverse array of activities, workshops and retreats including Yoga for all styles and experiences, Reiki from introduction to Master level, Tai Chi and Qigong short and long sets, Singing bowl meditations, Shamanistic journeys, Ecstatic dance and music therapy, mindful movement and rock climbing, slack-lining, nature therapy and nature literacy workshops. These activities belong to our six distinct but complementary programs: “body therapy”, “mind therapy”, “mindful eating and nutrition”, “self-realization”, “nature therapy and sustainable living” and “connecting with others” programs. These programs together help put in practice our guiding principle: “Wellness is achieved when a fluid and adaptive balance among physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and environmental components of one’s life is attained”.

The activities we offer are sometimes assembled in specific short (two to three days) packages as well as longer (seven-eight days) retreats, which also include unique accommodation options allowing our retreats to achieve their full healing and self development objectives.

Bliss Tribes Krabi

The Yoga and Healing Art” retreat – BlissTribes’ embodiment

We have recently created a unique retreat that crystalizes our vision and assemble the diversity of healing art we have experienced. This retreat “Yoga and healing arts” is intended to be a premiere source of holistic wellness education through which participants are introduced to a series of body-mind practices, which are intended to help not only heal chronic illnesses or acute issues but also achieve a state of optimal holistic health and well-being. The knowledge, techniques and tools we offer during this retreat are intended to help participants become active actors in the process of their own healing, guiding them back to the realization of harmony and balance in their entire physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dynamic. This experiential retreat is rooted in both western and eastern healing traditions.

This retreat stands on one of BlissTribes foundational principles; recognizing that different practices have their own strengths and will not equally fit one’s expectations, perceptions and needs. For example Tai Chi may be more related to whole-body integration and flow; Chi kong is more useful for energy cultivation and relaxation, Meditation for calming the mind and improving concentration, Yoga for flexibility, body energetic and Reiki for self healing, etc. By integrating different practices in one’s life, we can better guide those on a quest for dual cultivation of body and mind and the role it has toward improving one’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

This retreat is also dedicatedly practical. Focus is given on hands-on experiences and DIY ‘micro-exercises’ that provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to easily continue these practices on their own in their daily lives. This is a very important and unique component as when a regular wellness routine is implemented over a sufficiently long period of time we can dig deeper into the roots of problems and identify lasting solutions.

Finally, this retreat, although more strongly focusing on individual-based healing and self development, is designed and organized in a way to encourage sustainable living, cultivating environmental and social awareness through nature-based activities such as nature therapy islands exploration and an introduction to free diving.

Bliss Tribes Krabi


  • Discover and experience a diversity of yoga practic es and es- tablish a rst contact with Shamanic journeys
  • Rebalance your energy ow and learn energy healing with Reiki and crystal singing bowl treatments
  • Cultivate your mindfulness through meditation, Tai Chi and Chi Kung
  • Rejuvenate in nature, explore coral reefs and tropical rainforests
  • Take time to relax, laugh, celebrate and explore hidden parts of
  • Learn and bring home simple tools and techniques for wellness
    and health development
  • Enjoy a selection of nutritious and delicious fresh meals & juices


We wish to o er this retreat to a maximum of 10 par- ticipants for an exclusive and deeply healing wellness experience. We also o er the opportunity for your partner or friend to accompany you and participate in an activity of their choice as an opportunity to bet- ter share and understand your (inner) journey.


  • 19th – 25th March 2018 • 23rd – 29th April 2018
  • 14th – 20st May 2018

Bliss Tribes Krabi