Thats right, you might have heard of it, a famous fictional secret agent originating in movie theatres in 1962 who some of you might have heard of, James Bond ring any bells? His actions shaped a little bit of our region namely, James Bond Island.

Well the internal man of mystery has left his mark on many a beach and our little Andaman sea has not been forgotten. Back in 1974 the islands unique look and design was chosen as one of the locations for ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ starring Roger Moore. James Bond Island is now one of the must see locations for visitors to Phuket, Phang-Nga and Krabi alike so don’t expect the island to look as empty and pristine as it did in the film, but James Bond Island is still stunning and the trip out it’s iconic beach will offer a few other treats to enjoy for your time in the sun.

We ventured out with one of the tour operators in krabi to see what all the fuss was going on about this growing destination James Bond island.

Krabi James Bond Island

The day started with a jolt, the alarm buzzed in my ear, it was early 7am and the sun’s rays were just visible above the trees shadowing my hotel, remembering it was time to venture out and see a new destination today I Jumped out of bed. mixing my coffee in a partial delirious state I managed to get in the shower, put some clothes on and get down to the reception and wait for the tour van to arrive.

Shortly after the van arrived and I was happy to find only 3 other seats were taken inside the van, giving me the opportunity to have a more relaxed and peaceful trip. We started out one the long haul in our minivans to the boat pier about 60 kilometres away. As the rocking of the an got into a kind of rhythm I dozed off and missed seeing the stunning limestone karats erupting forth from the jurassic like landscape.

Krabi James Bond Island

Once the van arrived at the pier we jumped onto a massive longtail boat and rocked out into the brackish estuaries fringed by mangrove forests. We were a small group so there was plenty of space to stretch out legs and relax. We enjoyed ripping over the top of the water, watching the limestone mountain range dip and rise as we passed through these ever widening channels as we came closer to the open seas of the Andaman bay. The first stop on our trip was at a missal stationary boat which hosted a number of dining tables and offered actually a wide selection of food, drinks and even souvenirs, but this stop was for another reason, Kayaking! We all jumped into separate zodiac like kayaks and were paddled by friendly and cheerful boatmen. We were taken through caves, tunnels and around the islands perimeters. It was a great first stop to the trip and set the tone for the rest of the rip.

Afterwards was time to stop at what we were all waiting for, James Bond island, now like we said earlier it’s certainly not like the movies portray it in s pristine untouched state. Yes maybe back in 1974 it was like that but not anymore. There were a number of other people on the island, they were all looking for the same thing, something to drink and maybe a snack, a great view of the iconic reverse pyramid rock jutting forth from the small bay. Even thought there was a lot of people viewing for a good vantage point, everyone had a certain etiquette, there was no pushing and shoving and if you were still in the process of getting a photos other would give you your needs time to get the shot.


Krabi James Bond Island

Next up on our itinerary was the ever growing Islamic island of Koh Panyee. Making a name for itself back in 1986 when a ground of young children made a football pitch from scrapes of wood and metal. The 86’ team made it to the semi finals and from there raised the funds to build a proper football pitch which is still used today. As of 2011 Koh Panyee FC is one of the leading teams of Southern Thailand. The island as a whole is built from stilts and sits raised above the waters surrounding one of the iconic limestone cliffs and is home to over 1,500 people and it’s main economy is tourism and fishing. There are numerous shops selling a wide variety of products, noteworthy are the beautiful pearl jewellery items such as necklaces, rings, earrings and more.

Enjoying a lunch on the island we spent the afternoon growing the small streets winding throughout the floating village.

Next stop on our trip was a little surprised treat, the monkey temple! You can guess what there was plenty of there I hope. As soon as we got out of the car and began walking towards the temple, we were surrounded by monkeys and for good reason, the tourists have been coming here for so long the monkeys have been conditioned to get food from thee many visitors here. So come prepared and buy some bananas if you would like to get up close and personal with our little ancestors.

Last stop on our journey back home was a nice river with a small cascading waterfall providing some good places to get cool photos as there is a suspended walking bridge spanning the river. There were simple snacks and drinks provided when we stopped so it made the time we spent there like a little picnic.

Overall it was a great experience at James Bond island, we enjoyed our time there and sure you will too. If you would like to inquire about the trip or book a seat you can get in touch with the operator at: