We all look at the world in different ways, some of us are striving for that perfect ordered job that is reliable (in terms of a pay check) routine and easy to manage, others are looking for something a little more chaotic, something that gives us more freedom but at the same time is more more demanding. With a planet of over 7 billion people, ti’s easy to find your outlet on the earth, and with the digital age it’s more accessible throughout the globe. 

Lekker Cafe in Krabi

With the onset of youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram and the stars that the platforms gave rise to it’s no wonder more and more of todays youth who are looking for a new horizon, a new adventure or a new challenge are turning to these platforms to try to make these dreams come true. More and more stars are born every year online and next year holds more stars than this year, what makes the lifestyle so appealable to todays youth is simply the freedom it carries with it. An online star is somewhat in control of their own destiny, there are no filters, no makeup, no production crew or directors, it’s only you, your camera and your ability. This trend has taken people all around the globe, with many of the stars being paid handsomely by major hotels, travel agencies or travel brands to endorse/use their products. Now it’s a huge industry and one which will continue to grow over the coming years.

Lekker Cafe in Krabi

These travel junkies and adventure seekers, or digital nomads as they are so aptly named are a mixed breed, from all around the globe and with different passions, but one thing they all share in is their need for a working space on the go.

So to enter the age of the co-working space!


The co-working space concept is not only about the physical space but also the mentality of these sharing the space, there is a collective entrepreneurial mindset of the many people who use co-working spaces as many of them are working for start up companies or themselves and don’t have a budget to rent a full office yet. The concept came about in early 2005 in San Francisco but Brad Neuberg and has since spread globally with vigour. In Australia alone there are over 1,000 co-working spaces throughout the country and more and entering the market daily. With the booming Asian economy there have been hundreds of co-working spaces which have posed up over the past 5 years and more are planning in the coming future.

Ao Nang just opened it’s first co-working spaces just off the main beach road of Ao Nang named Lekker Cafe!

Lekker Cafe in KrabiThe owners named the cafe Lekker after their time in Holland and as the word Lekker in Dutch means good, it can be added to any exiting work or situation to make it positive or good, so the cafe is simple a good place to work, to drink coffee and to be. The cafe is primarily setup as a place for people to come, eat or drink some coffee abut then primarily work. The meals are designed with this in mind and the dishes themselves are always made so they can be easily eaten with 1 hand while the other hand types, scrolls with a mouse or some other work related activity.

The menu at Lekker offers guests a range of options to choose from, a wide of shakes and smoothies, fruits and pastries, sandwiches and lets not forget about the coffee! The coffee any working professionals personal assistant, at Lekker cafe the coffee is a blend of both Robusta and Arabica making is a tasty yet strong blend waking anyone up and putting them right to work! That’s not all there is at Lekker, there is also 6 seat private meeting room at Lekker which can booked in advance giving privacy for those important meetings all that just 2 meters from the order counter making it an ideal place to come and work in peace and quiet getting meetings, essays, blogs, videos edited and so much more done in a timely and efficient fashion.

There rest of the co-working space has been thoughtfully designed to offer guests 3 different seating arrangements, at a table, relaxed in a beanbag seat or outside on the patio in the fresh air. All of these seating variations come surrounded by numerous plug outlets, giving much needed power to tablets, laptops or phones, almost every seat has it’s own outlet so there is no shortage.

Lekker is proud to announce their daily fresh baked bread, well established and consistently baked daily off site, offering Ciabatta, Baguette, Soft-bun and Whole wheat on a daily basis, additional bread types such are gluten free and farmers bread are in development at the moment and can be special ordered but at the moment there are the above bread types available for all customers.

Lekker Cafe in Krabi

Lekker cafe is a special place offering patrons the option to work, eat, talk and meet all in a quiet and peaceful setting. Their hours are:

daily from 08:30 – 9:00

you can find them on facebook at:


or contact them directly at:


Tesco Lotus, Aonang, 696 M1, Aumpur Mueang Krabi 81000