Exploring Krabi’s vast island chain on a 4 island hopping adventure

Coming to Ao nang beach for the first time you’ll certainly be taken a back by the beautiful islands erupting from the ocean off in the distance. They are truly a stunning sight to see from a distance yet are most impressive up close and personal. If you’re thinking or looking for things to do in Krabi, a private trip to see some of these stunning island is well worth a visit. 4 island trip is certainly one thing to keep in mind thought is that as they are so easily accessibly from Ao Nang beach they’re also sometimes crowded. Many visitors jump on large group tours which takes people to the various islands around Ao Nang but again when you join a tour like this you’re in a large group and are restricted to the rules of the tour operator. 

The alternative is to charter your own private boat to take you and your company to the stunning islands of Krabi on a full day trip at your own pace with up to 8 people. The trip has become popular and now aptly has the name 4 island trip.

We highly recommend this option as your can see the beauty of the islands, sometimes even more then the mainstream big group tours get to see but you get to do so at your own pace without the stress of a large group of tourists around you managed by a tour operator who is on a time schedule. 

The 4 islands of Krabi are: 

railay for the sky
Railay form the air


Not technically an island, as railay is actually a peninsula but the peninsula is protected by large mountains meaning access is restricted to only boat access so although it’s not technically an island, Railay most certainly has an island feeling to it. The basic landscape of railay offers a few different beaches to visit but the trip takes you to the famous Phra Nang beach, arguably the most beautiful of the beaches on Railay. It’s for a few caves and cliffs to explore on the Western section with a local phallic cave full of wooden man parts of all shapes and sizes (worth the trip for a photo). There is also a beautiful viewpoint which is accessible by a short 20 minutes hike to the top, you can do this hike in flip-flops but we don’t recommend this, wear sneakers if you have them. You can also find a number of longtail boats on Railay which all have been retro fitted to contain restaurants inside them offering a number of dishes from phad thai to chicken satay to actual ice cream! Thats right ice cream! Enjoy your time on Railay, if you want more information please visit our page on Railay

Koh Poda, view of Ao Nang beach in the background
Relax and enjoy the beauty of Koh Poda in Krabi, Thailand

Koh Poda: 

The most iconic island of Krabi, Koh Poda is one of the most popular islands in the areas (after Koh Phi Phi) due to it’s proximity to Ao Nang and Railay as well as it’s stunningly crystal clear waters in which you can see a number of fish (please don’t feed them though). Koh Poda, koh Gai (Chicken island) and Koh Tub are are part of a national park, if you would like to see more information about the national park’s rules and regulations please visit our page on the national parks of Krabi. Koh Poda has a number of beaches worth visiting, the main beach is one clearly the most popular and this is where all of the boats typically park but there are a number of other beaches worth checking out. To the South of Koh Poda there is a lonely quiet beach which is long and typically void of other people. There is a clearing next to this long beach which has a number of hornbills nests high up in trees which can easily be seen from the beach. at the end of this beach is a quiet little cove facing South East, almost nobody is ever here making it an nice place to have a nap in the white sands. There is also another beach around the Western side of Koh Poda worth visiting, it’s all rocky and not great for lounging but for exploring and getting great photos this could be your spot, ask your boatman to take you here. Use the map below to understand better.

Koh Gai (Chicken island):

Named after the elongated chicken neck and hear which can be seen at the islands southern coast. Chicken island is the third island on the 4 island krabi trip. There are two beaches on Koh Gai, the first is in the South next to the main chicken structure, which is a more cove like beach. The other beach is only visible at low tide and it connects Koh Tub to Koh Gai via a long sandbar. This is one of the iconic sights in Krabi worth seeing, so remember to go here at low tide, but your captain knows this already so just sit back and enjoy your day visiting the islands if Krabi.

Koh Tub:

The last and final island on the trip Koh Tub. The smallest of the three islands, Koh Tub itself is a temporary island, meaning its high tide the island is greatly reduced in size, but at low tide the island offers plenty of places to explore. The waters around Koh Tub have a number of corals and fish worth seeing if you are interested in some snorkelling adventures. Every longtail and speedboat trip comes fully equipped with a set of snorkelling gear for every passenger, so it you’re interested in having your short Krabi adventure underwater, get going!

Visiting the 4 islands of Krabi is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or even a full day out with your lover or family, the day is quiet and relaxed and you take your time in between each stop. We recommend a private boat as you have created flexibility on your itinerary and get to choose how and where you spend your time, if you wish to book a group tour there are a number of operators in the area.

If you would like to arrange a private longtail boat experience to go on the 4 island trip we recommend you email here: info@krabi-magazine.com and we’ll get you in touch with a local boat driver